Okay, I promise to write more. I have these great entries in my head (snow on cows (yes I have seen it), my first long drive in snow and ice mixture (what happens when you leave town before 8:00 am, since the state does not start plowing until then, it makes for a very tense drive), I hate pills (my intergrative medical doctor prescribed more medicine, I wanted less, but I am overall feeling better) and working second shift (my body is not adjusting well), but I just don’t get them written down. Hubby is a great writer and when I read his blog I think I cannot write that well. If you ask me to write a business letter that I can do, but blogging I still am learning.

So, I have hives all over my body and they like to travel, moving from the my face to the bottom of my feet. I am allergy to antihistamines (they give me hives!), so the doctor gave me a steroid shot. The itching is less, but the hives are still here. I hope by the time we get to the city they will be gone (did I mention it is a three states away). The fam is leaving in a day and half to travel to the city from which we came to attend a family friend’s wedding. This will be our first time back.