That’s how I would described my first tornado warning. I was sitting at work (I work second shift) listening to the thunderstorms, when people started arriving. Most of the staff in the building live in apartments and do not have storm shelters, so they come to work where there is a shelter. The first person to arrive said there is a tornado warning, since he is known to tease me, I went to and sure enough there was a SEVERE tornado warning. Being my first warning, I called home to let them know; they already knew and where in the basement watching television. Then, I open the door to the storm shelter. Then, I moved with my laptop to the back of the building, away from the four 8 X 4 foot windows located in my work area. And, then wait, while keeping an eye on, which show two storm, one moving northeast and the other moving northwest. Did we get a tornado? No, the storms broke up before reaching the area.

And this morning, a gentle rain to water my flowers and vegetables.