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That would describe the last few weeks. I discovered we had a mouse, or maybe mice since I never say the actual animal, but I saw the evidence. So, I cleaned the house from top to bottom, put everything in the cupboards in Tupperware (there was no evidence the mouse had been in the cupboards) and had hubby spakle the holes above the stove. Everything has been fine since.

Have you ever opened a deep freezer and immediately knew something was wrong? Yes, our 30 year old freezer died, but we did not know for a few days. Lost, green chile, steaks, salmon, lamb, desserts and vegetables. I spent two days cleaning the garage (that is where the freezer was located) trying to get the smell out.

In the midst of all this cleaning, I came across some boxes we had not unpacked from the move and a few not unpacked from the previous move. What a joy to sit with the princess and look at items from my childhood, pictures ranging from childhood to college and letters from old friends and tell her the stories behind them.

Well, I better get to work on scrapbooking those photos..


That’s how I would described my first tornado warning. I was sitting at work (I work second shift) listening to the thunderstorms, when people started arriving. Most of the staff in the building live in apartments and do not have storm shelters, so they come to work where there is a shelter. The first person to arrive said there is a tornado warning, since he is known to tease me, I went to and sure enough there was a SEVERE tornado warning. Being my first warning, I called home to let them know; they already knew and where in the basement watching television. Then, I open the door to the storm shelter. Then, I moved with my laptop to the back of the building, away from the four 8 X 4 foot windows located in my work area. And, then wait, while keeping an eye on, which show two storm, one moving northeast and the other moving northwest. Did we get a tornado? No, the storms broke up before reaching the area.

And this morning, a gentle rain to water my flowers and vegetables.

That sums up the trip…

I had hives the entire time in the city. Though DH would have preferred to fly, I loved seeing the mesas of New Mexico, the mountains of Arizona and Colorado and deserts of Arizona. But my favorite sight was the plains of Kansas, because it meant we were home. Hampton Inns are best hotels to stay in. And from the moment, we got to the city, we were homesick. The city has too many buildings, cars, and people. We never realized how much time we wasted driving here and there and waiting in restaurants for tables.

And, Horses should be added to the title, because the first morning home, I looked out the window and saw two beautiful horses in the creek behind our house.

Okay, I promise to write more. I have these great entries in my head (snow on cows (yes I have seen it), my first long drive in snow and ice mixture (what happens when you leave town before 8:00 am, since the state does not start plowing until then, it makes for a very tense drive), I hate pills (my intergrative medical doctor prescribed more medicine, I wanted less, but I am overall feeling better) and working second shift (my body is not adjusting well), but I just don’t get them written down. Hubby is a great writer and when I read his blog I think I cannot write that well. If you ask me to write a business letter that I can do, but blogging I still am learning.

So, I have hives all over my body and they like to travel, moving from the my face to the bottom of my feet. I am allergy to antihistamines (they give me hives!), so the doctor gave me a steroid shot. The itching is less, but the hives are still here. I hope by the time we get to the city they will be gone (did I mention it is a three states away). The fam is leaving in a day and half to travel to the city from which we came to attend a family friend’s wedding. This will be our first time back.

That is how the New Year is rung in here. I am looking forward to the New Year, even though I will enter my fourth decade of life. I stop setting New Year resolutions in my second decade of life, but I was speaking with a co-worker on the last day of 2008 who sets goals for each decade of her life. Maybe I will consider her proposal when April rolls around.

The weather has turned for the worse.  In the last week, I have experience below freezing wind chill (-20), ice on the roads and now freezing fog.  The little town we resided in has brick streets.  Brick and ice make for some nice sliding.   Until five days ago, I had NEVER driven on or near ice.  Daily I am gaining experience on sliding through intersection, putting my car into neutral and turning into the slide.  And, the weather report for today, freezing fog with possible freezing rain.     The locals keep telling me it is a mild winter…..

Sorry I have not written. It is not for a lack of subject matter. My transition from career woman to stay at mom did not go well. I needed to interact with people on a regular basis, so just after three months of staying at home, I decided to accept a position with a large local employer in town. So, the household is readjusting to Mom working again. Even though I am working, with my five minute commute, I have more time with the my family each day (yes, morning and night) than I ever did in the city. And I can go and have lunch with the princess (aka darling daughter) at school.

A favorite movie (except for the overuse of profanity).  At the beginning of the film, Bridget decides it is time to take control of her life and to chronicle the journey in her diary.  She soon discovers it is hard to change and it is not until the end of the year she is ready and able to change.  And that is what I am discovering, when one desires to changes her life it is a slow process filled with successes and setbacks.  This blog will chronicle some of those successes and setbacks.  Enjoy.

Earlier this year, our family made the decision to leave behind city life and move to rural America. And I mean good old mid-west small town America. I have lived in towns I considered rural, but they were always within 60 miles of a city. The reason for the move? There are many, but it can all be summed up as the wisest path.