Sorry I have not written. It is not for a lack of subject matter. My transition from career woman to stay at mom did not go well. I needed to interact with people on a regular basis, so just after three months of staying at home, I decided to accept a position with a large local employer in town. So, the household is readjusting to Mom working again. Even though I am working, with my five minute commute, I have more time with the my family each day (yes, morning and night) than I ever did in the city. And I can go and have lunch with the princess (aka darling daughter) at school.


A favorite movie (except for the overuse of profanity).  At the beginning of the film, Bridget decides it is time to take control of her life and to chronicle the journey in her diary.  She soon discovers it is hard to change and it is not until the end of the year she is ready and able to change.  And that is what I am discovering, when one desires to changes her life it is a slow process filled with successes and setbacks.  This blog will chronicle some of those successes and setbacks.  Enjoy.

Earlier this year, our family made the decision to leave behind city life and move to rural America. And I mean good old mid-west small town America. I have lived in towns I considered rural, but they were always within 60 miles of a city. The reason for the move? There are many, but it can all be summed up as the wisest path.