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I tell myself when I think of an entry “Just Do It” but unlike the Nike commercial I don’t.   So, to catch up for lost time….

1) I still have hives, but not as often and as intense.  I went to the allergist, who could not figure out why I have hives, but he did inform me I am allergic to most everything that grows in this part of the country.  He said it is the “perfect storm” for my allergies.   So, now I am on a nasal spray.  The hope is this will work and I will not have to get allergy shots.

2) We were talking about going to Minneapolis for a long weekend and I was thinking what would we do there?

Go to IKEA (of course) – I need a couch that can get down the basement stairwell

Visit the Mall of America (yes) – the Princess has not found a mall she did not like

And try to find James Lileks’ house (who?) – he is writer who we enjoy, his book Interior Descreation: Hideous Homes from the Horrible 70s made me laugh out loud on a plane trip and my seat neighbor looked at me like I must have be insane for actually purchasing a book (it was a gift from DH) with such ugly pictures and then taking it out in public.

3) May Day baskets.  I came home for my dinner break to find a little basket on the porch.  Apparently, on May Day people, usually children, go around leaving baskets on friends’ porches, ringing the doorbell and running away.  I have never heard of this tradition, I always thought May Day was the day communists united together by wearing red.

4) My 40th birthday, but more about that in another post.